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What is NavigateSOM?

Our suspicious order monitoring software helps manufacturers and distributors make sure that they are in compliance with DEA requirements. Federal and state agencies are increasing investigation into the players of the pharmaceutical supply chain, paying close attention to the validity and fluctuation of ordering practices to combat the drug abuse epidemic.


NavigateSOM uses programmatic algorithms to identify potentially suspicious orders.


An order will be flagged if it meets the following criteria:

  • 4 times the average order in quantity or cost;

  • Identical to another order placed within a 7-day time period;

  • Over 2 times monthly average per family, class of trade, or customer average.

Flagged Orders

A “flagged order” is an order that triggers one of our algorithms. Once the order is triggered, it is marked with a flag and the exact reason why it was flagged.


Once an order is flagged, users can investigate the order and decide if it is suspicious. If this order is not, they then can upload a note attached to the order explaining why the flag was cleared.

Why does SOM matter?

SOM helps protect all players in the pharmaceutical supply chain, as well the health and safety of the general public. The opioid abuse crisis in the United States illustrates the importance of safe and ethical practices throughout all steps of the supply chain to ensure that product only reaches patients in need, and to educate the public about beneficial controlled use as opposed to abuse. Click on the article to the right to read about insights on the importance of SOM from Sumeet Singh, the president of NavigateSOM.


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