Our specific artificial intelligence-powered algorithms used to calculate flagged orders based on DEA requirements. This only requires the simple upload of order data and documents (automatic and manual options). We'll generate a document repository with a 24-month history that enhances investigation procedures required by the DEA.

federal standards

Eliminate your risk of DEA fines and/or sanctions by complying with existing SOM requirements.  NavigateSOM is the only commercially available SaaS solution that satisfies the Federal regulation requirement for “Suspicious Order Monitoring” (SOM).


This platform has been validated by an industry-leading life sciences validation company. Powered by Amazon Web Services, the artificial intelligence infused NavigateSOM 

empowers our clients to conduct business ethically while demonstrating our commitment to the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.


Our expert support and training are available to existing and future staff with no additional burden on your IT or HR teams. Five Rivers RX creates custom training specifically for your organization according to the type and size of the company. Our service can be scaled to remote annual "check-ups" to on-going training as needed.


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NavigateSOM designed 12 intuitive algorithms which programmatically review order data.

Federal Standards

Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations

The registrant shall design and operate a system to disclose to the registrant suspicious orders of controlled substances. The registrant shall inform the Field Division.


Office of the Administration in his area of suspicious orders when discovered by the registrant. Suspicious orders include orders of unusual size, orders deviating substantially from a normal pattern, and orders of unusual frequency.

DEA Defensibility 

Once data is entered into NavigateSOM it is marked by date and time. Notes and uploads are marked by the date-time and user and are not able to be edited or deleted. In order to clear a flagged order, users must explain and support why the order was cleared by uploading documents and/or adding a note.

NavigateSOM is cloud-based which allows for consistent updating as often as needed to keep up with changes in the market as well as DEA requirements.

Training & Integration

User Access & Training

The type and amount of users are client-specific, depending on business size, business model, and contract.


Users can be set to have different permissions (e.g. only administrators have the ability to clear orders). The method of training is discussed and decided with the client. Training can be provided in-person or via web conferencing.

Integration & Storage

Software implementation can be done manually or via API Integration. The integration can take anywhere from 3 business days to 3 months, depending on complexity, system requirements and integration method.

Data is maintained within the software platform for 24-months and also stored on Amazon Web Services for a minimum of 5 years. The software can dynamically scale through the power of Amazon Web Services hosting.


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